German Physiks

About German Physiks

Red Leaf Audio is extremely proud to be representing the German Physiks range of audiophile products here in North American as their exclusive importer/distributor.

German Physiks was founded in Maintal, Germany in 1992, and is best known for their unique omni-directional loudspeakers. However, they also make an extremely competent range of high-end electronics and power cables which feature a unique conductor design which acts as a high frequency noise filter.

Unlike some speaker manufacturers who reserve their best technologies for their flag ship models, German Physiks uses the exact same unique and technologically advanced DDD driver in all their speaker models currently available. This ultra-wide bandwidth omni-directional driver is made from carbon fibre and typically covers the range from 200Hz all the way up to 24,000Hz, eliminating the need for seams within the majority of the audio spectrum which in turn solves phase and timing issues that occur in multi-driver designs. The exception is the Unicorn Mk II which uses an acoustic bass loading system that allows a single DDD driver to cover the extended range of 40Hz to 24,000Hz. In more elaborate designs multiple DDD drivers are used in conjunction with increasingly larger low frequency delivery systems to provide progressively greater maximum output levels, resolution and scale moving the listener ever closer to the live musical experience.

The DDD driver’s omni-directional radiation characteristics and coherent nature permits the creation of a holographic sound stage capable of a realistic rendering of the acoustic space in which the recording was made. This translates into a more natural presentation of the original musical performance and gives the listener a less fatiguing and more enjoyable experience.

German Physiks loudspeakers are available in a wide range of matt paint, gloss paint and wood finishes that are sure to please design conscious audiophiles and family members alike.

1. Exceptionally coherent and natural sound
This is due to the DDD driver’s 7 octave plus operating range. This is very difficult to achieve when such a wide range is split over two or more different types of driver, which are in different positions on the loudspeaker’s cabinet. This wide operating range also eliminates the crossover point in the mid-range that loudspeakers using pistonic drivers must have. This is where our hearing is most sensitive, so removing anything that might cause level or phase errors from here will improve transparency.
2. Realistic stereo images more like those you experience in the concert hall
This is because the DDD driver's omnidirectional radiation characteristic creates an enveloping sound field like that in the hall, rather than beaming the sound at you as conventional drivers do. This way German Physiks speakers are able to recreate a more natural rendition of the original stereo image. This has excellent depth and focus, but without the overly sharp image definition that some hi-fi loudspeakers produce and which you will rarely if ever hear at a live performance.
3. Stereo imaging enjoyable in almost all positions in the room
This is achieved whilst also maintaining an even tonal balance, much like at a live performance: again due to the DDD driver’s omnidirectional radiation pattern. This gives more flexibility in where you sit and allows several people to enjoy a good sound together. This is useful in home theatre systems. As you are not restricted to a small “sweet-spot” in order to hear the best sound, German Physiks speakers provide a more relaxed listening experience. This is especially noticeable when you listen for long periods.
4. Exceptional dynamics
The DDD driver’s very low moving mass, less than 3 grams, allows German Physiks loudspeakers to recreate both the attack of the music and resolve low level detail very accurately. This is essential in order to faithfully reproduce the delicate nuances of a performance and make it sound like music, rather than just good hi-fi. The resultant transparency is maintained even on complex high-level passages.
5. Accurate portrayal of musical instruments’ tonal characteristics
This is because the DDD driver is phase linear across its operating range. This together with the excellent dynamic response, enables German Physiks speakers to reproduce percussion with startling reality. Voices have a clarity and purity that can be breath taking, with all the elements of the vocal sound correctly located in space and with no undue emphasis. The hardness you often hear with conventional tweeters is eliminated and you get a greater sense of hearing a live musician.
6. Quick and easy to set up
As they are omnidirectional, German Physiks loudspeakers are less sensitive to room position than conventional designs and there is no toe-in adjustment to worry about.
7. The DDD driver is less likely to excite cabinet vibrations
Due to its very low moving mass and the way that it is mounted, the DDD driver puts less energy into the cabinet than an equivalent conventional driver. This reduces cabinet resonances and improves transparency.
8. Physically extremely rugged
The DDD driver can withstand abuse that will destroy most other drivers. This is illustrated in the video below. We don’t advise our customers to try this, just in case they are having an unlucky day.

Red Leaf Audio is the exclusive North American
importer and distributor of all German Physiks products