Ikeda is a Japanese company renowned for making superb moving coil cartridges and tonearms. Each and every product they make is hand made in Japan by Japanese crafts people. Dynamic, transparent, fast and true to the recording are all phrases used by the audio press to describe Ikeda cartridges and tonearms.

9TS Moving Coil
$3,500. CDN
9TT STEREO Moving Coil
$6,000. CDN
9TT MONO Moving Coil
$6,000. CDN
KAI Moving Coil
$12,000. CDN
9Gss Moving Coil Cartridge
$14,000. CDN
SAI Moving Coil Cartridge
With Integrated Headshell
$9,000. CDN
IT-345CR1 9" Tonearm
$9,500. CDN
IT-407CR1 12" Tonearm
$10,000. CDN
Gold Plated Limited Edition Tonearm
IT-345 GL1 9" $16,000. CDN
IT-407 GL1 12" $17,000. CDN
Moving Coil Setup Transformer
$6,500. CDN
HBC-MS-5000 DR
DIN to RCA Phono Cable - STRAIGHT
$1,500. CDN
DIN To RCA Phono Cable - Angled
$1,600. CDN

NOTE: Prices quoted are suggested retail prices. Authorised dealers may set their own pricing